My Online Doppelganger

  I have recently come across this website doppelme. For those who don’t know about this website it is a site that allows people like me and you to easily make a visual representation of yourself. Overall, this site is user-friendly ( easy to use ) and there are some features that would cost coins and you do start of with tow coins you could earn more of these by buying them, referring this site to others or simply just being part of doppelme member. You may ask why need coins? Well when you are creating your avatar you have limited choices of features that you could apply but most of them are for coins. Well overall the site did a good job of serving it’s purpose which is helping people out with the easiest way of making their own virtual self.

   Well for my avatar I tried my best to make it look like me and it did turn out better than I expected. I am a person that gets nervous when I see my pictures online and in that case this website comes in handy. Why did I choose to make myself look like this you may ask?  As you can see I am outdoors holding a Playstation and that may be quite unusual, people might infer that the reason I made it look like this is because I like playing video games and I do spent my entire day mostly playing video games. On the hand I do like to be outdoors and do a lot of different activities like playing, flying my rc drone and perhaps going for a walk. I chose glasses as my accessory since I do have bad vision which resulting in me wearing prescription glasses.

Some improvements that wouldn’t hurt to improve would be to have more realistic skin color tones. One of the issues that I found was that when I tried to change the color of my they wouldn’t end up as the color that I wanted. ex: I wanted to make my eyes brown but instead they ended up as gray. Overall, I think the website did a great job of serving it’s purpose of helping people make their very own virtual doppelganger.

Avatar created with

Avatar created with


Good vs Bad comments…

There are two types of people online: the trolls and the responsible people. The trolls are just there to lower people’s self-esteem by leaving rude comments which include swearing or name callings. The responsible people are those who actually do have a point. They let you know if there are any mistakes, they fix the mistakes for you and praise your work.

When you post a comment whether it’s good or bad it will stay forever and when I say that, it means that if you wrote something that you weren’t suppose to write or something that is mean you can’t go back or undo it. Once its out there you can’t take it back.


By Miss Miah via flickr...

By Miss Miah via flickr…


Writing Good Comments…

  1. In order to write good comments you have to provide context so, that people know what you are talking about.
  2. Making a point, it means be more specific when you comment what you like and make valuable observations.
  3.  Don’t go off topic, stick with what you are talking about and don’t start rambling.
  4.  Keep your comments short don’t make them long which would result in people getting bored and not wanting to read it.


Writing Bad comments…

  1.  Being rude or disrespectful ex. swearing or calling names which could result in people disliking you and chose not to reply to you.
  2.  Not being clear of what you are trying to say and using inaccurate information in your comments.
  3.  Repeating points over and over which will result in a long comment that no one will want to read.
  4.  Not being specific or not giving enough information in your comment ex. Good Job!


Your appearance matters when you are posting something online…
How should it appear like…

  • Your profile pic must be appropriate
  • Your name has to be something professional ex. real name or something that is not goofy.
  • Have a pic that will not offend someone.

All of these things matter when we want to be taken seriously and that can be done by having a good appearance when you post something online. If you appear appropriate online it is more likely that people will listen to you and reply back to you.







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What comes to mind when you think about technology?

Photo Credit: Tasayu Tasnaphun Flickr via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Tasayu Tasnaphun Flickr via Compfight cc

For me technology is anything that makes my life easier. It even plays the smallest or to the biggest role in my life. Technology these days plays big roles in people’s daily life. Back in the day the phone served only one purpose to call but now it can serve many purposes. People now days don’t realize that everything is changing from even vacuuming your house or washing the dishes is being replaced by robotic products you can now buy ex. Dish washer or Rooba (robotic vacuum cleaner ). I and many people use technology almost everyday to perform even the simplest tasks like checking your emails. Technology has got us this far that now I could write this blog and people around the world could read it instantly and as time passes by the technology advances making new ways to make people’s life  easier.