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For the past 5 months I have been really involved with the blogging community also I participated int he Student Blogging Challenge 2017.  Throughout this semester I have published 10 blog post including this one and majority of them were for school based and most of them were based of my interests. My overall blog site receives comments that are mostly from my classmates or my teachers but recently I have been receiving spam comments.

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Out of all 9 post I got the most comments on the post that I did which was Digital footprint and it was one of best blog post since  i did put more effort on it than any of the other post. The post was about something that everyone could relate to as how we are so involved with our social life that we tend to risk it on the other hand giving our personal info.


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My blog site is not fancy just has  a cover and has some different options that could take you to my posts and my about page also my blogroll. The theme that I have on my site makes everything convince for the viewer and it is user friendly. Overall I had a good time blogging for 5 months and I could see myself blogging again some time soon in the summer about my experiences.


Student Blogging Challenge


Digital footprint

As social media is becoming such a huge part in our life’s we often forget the harm it could bring us like cyber bullying. Now people are on social media more than ever before and they would share the smallest details like what they ate or where they would be going. The problem is people are giving away information like for say I post a picture of me at the airport and most of people have their privacy visible in terms any stranger could see my post going back to example any stranger could see my post and realize that I am not home and probably just break into my house.


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One thing that we often forget to do is actually read the terms and conditions I myself also would the same but we don’t realize that is that when we check the accept and continue button we are technically giving them authority over us without reading the terms would could give away any sort of private information like our locations and our passwords. All of your information whether its private or even minor like our address is all in the hands of the manufacturer without reading the condition/terms would result in this type of situation. Once manufacturer have your info they could give these type of info like your interest to other companies that would send you adds that would be related towards your interests.

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One thing we could all learn is that not everything is suppose to be posted on social media somethings are just there to be remembered in our memories. Just by searching up someone’s name could give lots of information about a person just by looking at their recent posts that were updated on social media. It could bring harm to anyone and that is something to keep on mind. The decision is ours to make wheteher is it right to upload this onto web or on a social media app.

Women’s rights

I believe equality is something that everyone should have no matter what gender or race. One thing most people often forget is that even though we are getting close to breaking the wall that’s separating males to females there are women still out there that don’t get treated or given the same right as any ordinary women in the developed countries like the west. As we are living in this era or the 21 century we have evolved and when I say that we is mostly the developed countries. Women’s have gained many rights as the right to vote, even work and most of all education.

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Nearly 70 million children around the world cannot get a basic education and half of those are girls which is around 35 million girls that don’t get a basic education. Mostly in the developing countries girls are thought as a burden everyone wants a son that would help them out to run the family. Girls are not sent to school rather stayed at home and being taught by mothers to do daily task that they would later on use. Women’s don’t even know their own rights the one thing they know or has been taught to do so is to grow up learn some housework and get married mostly at a young age and that is something yet to be changed in the future to come.

There recently been many changes done to our society like women could do a lot more than they could have done back then. Work the same job as a male perhaps even vote but most of the changes were made to the western sides not mostly towards countries that are still developing. There were many people who tried to change and was able to bring some change. Malala Yousafzia who did a lot for girls in developing countries. She built schools and also taught many girls who couldn’t get even basic education.

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Women’s are now a bit closer from climbing the ladder to success and gain equality among all no mater what race or gender. Not every country has rights for women when ever people say that women have rights they are looking at people from the west not particularly the developing countries. The issue is something that is really significant and it has to be solved. The one thing I have realized that we have evolved and we still are but we tend to forget that even though there is a significant issue but we just look away because why would it hurt us we have what we need and we are doing just fine.

All that achievements that were made towards women to gain the rights they as in women have earned is now celebrated by the International Women’s DayEven though, it took awhile for women’s’ to get their rights to be able to work and have freedom of speech. There are still some places that haven’t reached this point and I hope that in the future to come they would the same rights as any ordinary male no matter what race or gender…

Why connected ?

In this post I will be talking about my opinion from reflecting back from the video Connected But alone.Sherry Turkletalks about how we are so involved with the social life that we are forgetting to have a real conversation and replacing that with this so-called cellular device to make a conversation and say something and edit it back to something else. The question is are we actually getting too connected forgetting the reality and end up being lonely…


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Sure, you can have 500 Friends on Facebook or any other social platform but does it actually mean that you have friends. How well do you know them ? Did you ever had a real conversation or just some messages? I know us humans have come a long way and the advancements made in technology were made to help us not to disconnect us from reality. When I say that I mean that we got so involved with our social life what happened to that family time at supper just simply having a conversation now we all are busy on our phones doing something as texting, emailing etc…

As Ahmed said in his blog post that how our phone is sort of a curse that everyone carries around and I agree with that. We are too involved with our social life and when we look back we don’t realize the fact that we are alone. I can’t really blame someone for being on their phone all the time I’d do the same  because I am too involved with my social life.

We’re developing robots, they call them sociable robots, that are specifically designed to be companions…

As Sherry said that we are developing robots to be our companions or someone to just to talk what happened to just  talking to a friend or someone close that has experience to whats it like to be in the human conditions. That is really the difference robots really don’t have experiences that we did about whats it like to be a human a robot is a machine.


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I would agree with Sherry that we are connected with technology but, still alone. She talks about how we are to involve with our social life that we can’t even have an actual conversation with a friend. We all would say that we have many friend on any form of social media platforms are they actually your friend ? Parents texting during breakfast/supper what happened to the family time that was just meant for an actual conversation.

Replacing pics for words…

I am using pictures to write sentence I want you guys to figure out what these pictures mean  Comment me with your opinions don’t forget that a picture is worth a thousand words…. 




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