Blog Audit

For the past 5 months I have been really involved with the blogging community also I participated int he Student Blogging Challenge 2017.  Throughout this semester I have published 10 blog post including this one and majority of them were for school based and most of them were based of my interests. My overall blog site receives comments that are mostly from my classmates or my teachers but recently I have been receiving spam comments.

Thomas Hawk
via Flickr

Out of all 9 post I got the most comments on the post that I did which was Digital footprint and it was one of best blog post since  i did put more effort on it than any of the other post. The post was about something that everyone could relate to as how we are so involved with our social life that we tend to risk it on the other hand giving our personal info.


By Carolyn Coles
Via Flickr

My blog site is not fancy just has  a cover and has some different options that could take you to my posts and my about page also my blogroll. The theme that I have on my site makes everything convince for the viewer and it is user friendly. Overall I had a good time blogging for 5 months and I could see myself blogging again some time soon in the summer about my experiences.


Student Blogging Challenge


One comment

  1. ashleypmurray · June 5, 2017

    Although the post is pretty well written there is limited content and some reflections questions are missing.


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