Women’s rights

I believe equality is something that everyone should have no matter what gender or race. One thing most people often forget is that even though we are getting close to breaking the wall that’s separating males to females there are women still out there that don’t get treated or given the same right as any ordinary women in the developed countries like the west. As we are living in this era or the 21 century we have evolved and when I say that we is mostly the developed countries. Women’s have gained many rights as the right to vote, even work and most of all education.

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Nearly 70 million children around the world cannot get a basic education and half of those are girls which is around 35 million girls that don’t get a basic education. Mostly in the developing countries girls are thought as a burden everyone wants a son that would help them out to run the family. Girls are not sent to school rather stayed at home and being taught by mothers to do daily task that they would later on use. Women’s don’t even know their own rights the one thing they know or has been taught to do so is to grow up learn some housework and get married mostly at a young age and that is something yet to be changed in the future to come.

There recently been many changes done to our society like women could do a lot more than they could have done back then. Work the same job as a male perhaps even vote but most of the changes were made to the western sides not mostly towards countries that are still developing. There were many people who tried to change and was able to bring some change. Malala Yousafzia who did a lot for girls in developing countries. She built schools and also taught many girls who couldn’t get even basic education.

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Women’s are now a bit closer from climbing the ladder to success and gain equality among all no mater what race or gender. Not every country has rights for women when ever people say that women have rights they are looking at people from the west not particularly the developing countries. The issue is something that is really significant and it has to be solved. The one thing I have realized that we have evolved and we still are but we tend to forget that even though there is a significant issue but we just look away because why would it hurt us we have what we need and we are doing just fine.

All that achievements that were made towards women to gain the rights they as in women have earned is now celebrated by the International Women’s DayEven though, it took awhile for women’s’ to get their rights to be able to work and have freedom of speech. There are still some places that haven’t reached this point and I hope that in the future to come they would the same rights as any ordinary male no matter what race or gender…



  1. ashleypmurray · April 7, 2017

    I believe that it’s important to remember that women’s rights go beyond the fact that they can work, go to school and vote in western countries. Women earn 70cents for every dollar that a man will earn in the same position. Men are often the people who get promotions while women are overlooked for opportunities. We have made progress over the years, but we still have a long way to go.


  2. saadshafiq · April 7, 2017

    It’s sad that we as humans have advanced so much yet we have not been able to fix an issue that has been around for ever.


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