Why connected ?

In this post I will be talking about my opinion from reflecting back from the video Connected But alone.Sherry Turkletalks about how we are so involved with the social life that we are forgetting to have a real conversation and replacing that with this so-called cellular device to make a conversation and say something and edit it back to something else. The question is are we actually getting too connected forgetting the reality and end up being lonely…


Photo Credit: wuestenigel Flickr via Compfight cc

Sure, you can have 500 Friends on Facebook or any other social platform but does it actually mean that you have friends. How well do you know them ? Did you ever had a real conversation or just some messages? I know us humans have come a long way and the advancements made in technology were made to help us not to disconnect us from reality. When I say that I mean that we got so involved with our social life what happened to that family time at supper just simply having a conversation now we all are busy on our phones doing something as texting, emailing etc…

As Ahmed said in his blog post that how our phone is sort of a curse that everyone carries around and I agree with that. We are too involved with our social life and when we look back we don’t realize the fact that we are alone. I can’t really blame someone for being on their phone all the time I’d do the same  because I am too involved with my social life.

We’re developing robots, they call them sociable robots, that are specifically designed to be companions…

As Sherry said that we are developing robots to be our companions or someone to just to talk what happened to just  talking to a friend or someone close that has experience to whats it like to be in the human conditions. That is really the difference robots really don’t have experiences that we did about whats it like to be a human a robot is a machine.


by Alienblack via Flickr…


I would agree with Sherry that we are connected with technology but, still alone. She talks about how we are to involve with our social life that we can’t even have an actual conversation with a friend. We all would say that we have many friend on any form of social media platforms are they actually your friend ? Parents texting during breakfast/supper what happened to the family time that was just meant for an actual conversation.



  1. ashleypmurray · March 29, 2017

    So what do you think is the solution to the problem? Do we disconnect completely or is it possible to find a balance?


  2. saadshafiq · March 29, 2017

    The facts that you had provided really helped me understand the point you were trying to make. Do you personally think there is way for us as humans who are so used to technology can change?


  3. mantaquachowdhury · March 29, 2017

    Hi Hamza, this was a really well thought post! However do you ever find yourself trying to stop your dependency on technology, but can’t? I at times feel as though I can’t stop myself from using it. Do you have any tips?.


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